Open ground

Open-ground garden plants and trees from Gelderplant are not grown in pots, grow bags or containers, but supplied with a nice root ball. Between November and April, these types of trees and plants can be uprooted and replanted. Gelderplant can supply certain plants and trees with either root ball or bare-rooted. The latter have bare roots, where all the soil has been shaken off, instead of a pot or root ball. The range of plants and trees cultivated in the open ground is extensive.

The trees and plants are pruned and shaped in the open ground. In addition, the outer edge of the root ball is frequently clipped to keep the root ball compact. On delivery, the root ball is burlapped and prepared for transport. Gelderplant can also organise transport for you. We would be delighted to provide you with more information about our range of garden plants and trees, with no obligation.